Lena Dunham nabbed the February cover of Vogue, a huge victory for regular 'Girls' everywhere, since the mag usually reserves its covers for models and actresses. While the actress and 'Girls' creator looks great, the images, like all Vogue shots, are likely heavily retouched and not an accurate representation of Dunham.

Therefore, the Jezebel website is offering $10,000 for the raw, unretouched images.

Since Dunham is a poster girl who has spoken out about imperfect bodies and unreachable beauty standards and mores, her fancy Vogue images spark an argument.

But it's not about seeing what Dunham really looks like, because we can do that any and every week on her HBO show.

It's about how far Vogue goes to try and achieve standards of perfection and how much photo editing it did or does, which sends a very specific message. For Jezebel, this isn't about editing blemishes or taming flyaway hairs. It's about seeing the level of photo editing the fashion bible does.

For God's sake, Dunham is missing an arm in one pic! When did she lose an arm? Oh, right, she didn't. She was just Photoshopped.

The site guarantees that the supplier of unretouched images will remain anonymous and even offered the cash to Dunham herself if she provided them.

UPDATE: Two hours after Jezebel's offer, Vogue sent over the untouched images. You can see them here.