As the couples get settled into the house and become more comfortable opening up during group sessions, it's only natural that tensions and drama will increase. Ghostface Killah experienced both firsthand this week on 'Couples Therapy.'

After resolving the drunk meltdown by Taylor Armstrong of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,' Dr. Jenn Berman then focuses on the tension between Ghostface and Kelsey Nykole about her stripper past. Dr. Berman senses that Kelsey is afraid that if she doesn't go along with whatever Ghostface wants, she will lose him to someone else -- and like every good therapist, she's right.

"Not only that he'll find someone who will [go with whatever he wants]," Kelsey divulges, "but that's he's just gonna do what he wants to do anyway."

However, with the comments he's made about many women loving him and the fact he can't help that, the talk moves on to how she feels about this double standard -- the rapper can be with other women but her stripper past makes her a ho. Ghostface finally speaks up. "It's not like that. I don't bang strippers and all that. You know what I mean? But to make them my woman, nah, because there's too many hands putting dollar bills... And if you would have told me then, I may have slide to the left," the MC shares.

Then argument flares up about what he envisions a stripper is like and associating that with Kelsey. Things get worse when Ghostface throws down that they've only actually seen each other for 100 days out of the year they've been dating. He asks how could she be in love with him already. The words are just too much for Kelsey -- the tears begin to flow. However, Dr. Berman comes to the rescue and tells her that no one should define her worth, even if it's her significant other. By the end of it all, Kelsey is so fed up that she walks out of the session.

Instead of Ghostface going to console his girlfriend -- he refuses -- Dr. Mike Dow, Dr. Berman's right-hand, follows her. "In a way, I feel like I've been misled," she explains. "It just doesn't feel like the him that I've interacted and the one I've given myself to."

All she wants, in the end, is for her boyfriend to show that he loves her and stop putting up a front.

When things cool down, Ghostface finally talks to Kelsey and explains that he does have love for her but that it's a process -- they even have a cute moment. To be fair, this could possibly be the longest amount of time that they will continuously be in each other's space, and for some people, they need time to adjust. While it's clear there is a connection and love between the two, it's obvious that Kelsey needs to speak her mind more often, especially when the couple are having a conversation alone. Ghostface needs to let her be the focus more.

Despite the issues between these two, the dynamic in the house changes with Jon Gosselin -- known for 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' -- and his girlfriend, Liz Jannetta. The other couples do play nice and talk to them, but they worry it will change things in the house. And, of course, there's Farrah's sex tape, which comes into conversation during next week's episode and group session.

But back to Ghostface and Kelsey. Will he start to show the love that she wants? Will she finally be able to speak up when they're not in front of the doctors? Check back next week to find out.