Hell hath no fury like a Directioner defending a One Direction member scorned. Or, at the very least, insulted by a music magazine.

Fans of the band went absolutely nuts on Twitter over Harry Styles being nominated as 'Villain of the Year' by NME. It was his second time receiving the dubious nod from the British publication.

Styles' fellow nominees are a mixed bag, including British Prime Minister David Cameron, pop stars Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke, comedian (and Katy Perry's ex) Russell Brand and Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Wait, Harry Styles -- and Miley and R. Thicke, for that matter -- are in the same category as the Russian president, widely criticized for his country's LGBT policies? That hardly seems fair to compare beloved pop stars to controversial politicos. Unless, of course, the mag harbors a deep love for Hazza's ex Taylor Swift and that's why he received this nomination.

We could understand Justin Bieber being nominated in this category, given his 2013, which is looking like child's play in the midst of 2014's Egg Gate. But sweet, mop-topped Harry? Not. Even. Close. So what if he dates hot women like it's his job? That hardly makes him a bad boy. A playboy? Maybe. But a villain? Nah.

There were tons of tweets unleashed in defense of Hazza. But the one below perhaps best proved why Hazza is no villain.