Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! That's right we took a trip with some cool Hot 99.1 listeners down to The Jerry Springer show on Monday.

It was a lot of fun, from the conversations on the road to doing the wave in the audience, booing and applauding the guests and playing heads up in the car on the way back (a lot of fun kinda like charades) this road trip was definitely one for the books.

Not to mention the producers loved our energy so much they asked for us to come back down for a Halloween taping.

My favorite part of the show was by far being able to ask questions to the guest and in between breaks dancing to the music. Jerry's final thought was pretty cool too, watching him execute the ending of the show effortlessly.

This will be Jerry Springer's 27th season on TV.

Next Keisha Renee road trip will be announced next week. Listen Monday morning during 10-3 and here on for road trip announcement.


Set life and crew love at the Jerry Springer Show

Because Jerry Springer beads are for EVERYONE!!!

Hanging outside the studio HOT! literally waiting on the doors to the studio to open up.

well they say one must have one of these to enter! Hot991 got ours.

I'm sure Jerry loved us lol cant you tell?

Well just sometimes I get a little beyond myself, don't blame me blame it on Jerry

They make a cute couple # TheSpringers