Most Upstate New Yorkers probably would not take a chilly fall swim across an Adirondack lake. But for a moose? No problem!

If just saw a moose walking down the side of a rural country road or somehwere in nature, I would be in awe. While we know they are out there, it is still a striking experience when you cross paths with one of these enormous and majestic animals. From the enormous antlers to their towering stature, any moose sighting is a sight to behold and one you do not forget.

But how cool would it be to spot that enormous moose antler rack smoothly cruising across the water? That is just what TikTok user Andrea Glazar Dippold caught on Indian Lake recently. A rack so big on the water's surface it seems you could sit on it and hitch a moose ferry ride across Indian Lake!

Lifeinthe.adk reshared the video and some photos of the moose emerging from the water on their Instagram page which you can see below. It is a great reminder of nature's wonders right here in our backyard in Upstate New York - to be able to not only see a sight like this but to also catch it on video is pretty cool! That is the beauty of getting outdoors - you never know what you will see. And just like a duck, this moose stays cool and calm on the surface but is surely paddling like the devil underneath.

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