T.I. is back!  Musically, the dude picked up right where he left off before being locked up.  He’s got a fresh joint rising up the charts, “Ball,” and has a new album on the way.  Tip hasn’t lost his edge, though.  A new video has gone viral that shows the King of the South g-checking a fan.

The clip shows a guy with his phone trying to get a picture.  T.I. is standing in the door way of his tour bus talking to the dude, telling him it’s not a good time for that right now.  He tells the fan to have a good night and get home safe.

You could tell he was trying to keep his cool, but Tip was clearly agitated.  Did he handle it properly?  I’d say so… Celebrities take hundreds of pictures and sign hundreds of autographs each day.  They also deny those opportunities just as frequently.  Just because they make a living off our support doesn’t mean they have to be friendly and cordial 24/7.  Every body needs their space, and celebs are no different.  Peep the vid and give us your opinion.