We can’t wait to see Waka Flocka Flame at the Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park on Saturday night. He brings more than energy and hit records to the table, he’s a funny dude that keeps it real!

The BET Hip Hop Awards aired on Tuesday night. When asked his opinion on the awards and if he attended or not by Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club”, Flocka kept it 100 like we knew he would.

Not only did Waka say he did NOT attend, but he said he will NEVER perform for BET AGAIN! It all stems from an altercation with Steven Hill after Waka jumped off the stage at last year’s show.


This year’s show wasn’t without it’s highlights, though. The Chris Lighty tribute was beautiful, featuring Missy, Busta, Fat Joe, and 50 Cent all performing classics that Lighty had his hand on.