Most of you know the BET awards took place yesterday in Los Angeles, and the stars were shining last night!


DJ Khaled
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Did you get a chance to watch last night's show? If not, I've got your inside scoop on all of your favorite celebs. After all, I had the BEST seat in the house and all-access!

My BET experience took place on my big comfy sofa- A.K.A the best seat in the house. And, your celeb's tweets and IG's gave me all access to what looks like a very wonderful night in Hollywood, baby!

I normally only watch BET if the Five Heartbeats movie happens to be on. Lol.

Last night I sat through the show -- commercials and all. I would say this year's show was lukewarm. I didn't get many of the performance's stage sets, and many of the artists were just 'blah' on stage.There were plenty of lame jokes and lots of see-through outfits.(Maybe they sent out a memo). But I didn't hate it. I love award shows, it gives the artists a chance to be artistically unique in a way they wouldn't get to at a concert- mostly because someone else is footing the bill for the stage designs.

GARAGE Magazine
GARAGE Magazine

Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar really started the momentum for the show that, in my opinion, BET wasn't able to continue throughout the show! I was sad to not see T.I., Dreezy, or Lil Kim!

Bryson Tiller kept it cool and collected, and received the Best New Artist award which was well deserved. I absolutley loved The Roots and Erykah Badu's tribute to Prince, and you can never go wrong with a little Janelle Monae!

Powerhouse Jennifer Hudson performed an emotional rendition of 'Purple Rain' which was one of my favorite performances of the night! I could watch DJ Khaled all day, too- he's like a big ball of energy!

I can't say that I'll be adding BET to my channel favorites, but I will be checking out Music Moguls with Dame Dash and Jermaine Dupri. That's a show worth watching on any network!

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