Have you seen the video of Albany police officers forcibly removing a woman from her car Sunday night and one of them hitting her multiple times is being shared widely on Facebook?

The video shows a woman being forced out of here car after a late Sunday night traffic stop.  The officer and the woman had a few words and the scene escalated quickly.  Check out the Facebook post here.

You can hear onlookers speak up about how the way they detained the woman was wrong and most of the people offended were taken back because this amount of violence was happening to a woman.

Do you think that matters, when it comes to policing?  We live in a society where women and men are treated equally, so why is anyone offended when officers use violence to detain a suspect male or female?  The amount of force being used shouldn't be determined by sex and if so that creates all kinds of legal loopholes and is a form of discrimination.   Do you think the officer used excessive force?

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