Dramatic video shows the July 30th explosion that obliterated an Old Forge home sending debris flying hundreds of feet into area water.  Photos of the aftermath are as equally mind-blowing.  It truly is miraculous that there weren't any serious injuries.

Authorites say the incident at a home on Hollywood Road in Old Forge was caused by propane and say that the loud boom could be heard within a 3 mile radius.   Thankfully, the owner of the home was not there at the time, but shrapnel did cause two individuals to sustain minor injuries.

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According to Informny.com, "Town of Webb Police Chief Ron Johnston said they received over 100 calls regarding the explosion."  The report goes on to say that at least 17 homes in the area were impacted by blast and that many of them are now "unlivable."

"Two landscapers that were working nearby sustained minor injuries due to the shrapnel from the explosion. The next door neighbor said was thrown off her back porch from the force when the event occurred." -Informny.com

The report says that cleanup could take weeks and that  "Town Supervisor David Berkstresser declared a state of emergency Saturday to allow for state, local and county officials to aid in the cleanup effort."

Check out the video here posted by Tom Sheehy on Facebook.

GNA obtained these photos that shows the expensive damage and aftermath.  It's amazing that no one was seriously hurt.

Photo: DaveKathy Dresser Facebook
Photo: DaveKathy Dresser Facebook
Photo: DaveKathy Dresser Facebook

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