Are we alone in the universe?

That's the question on most people's minds (especially mine lately) as information about the existance of UFO's, aliens, and other worldy planets trickles out from the United States govermnemnt, and into our regular news cycle.

The subject matter is hot right now,  and there's shortage of content about it.

One of the most notorious incidents that happened took place about an hour east of Albany in the Berkshires in 1969 - and it's still talked about today.

In July 2020, Netflix brought back "Unsolved Mysteries" and one of the episodes centered around alleged UFO sightings and possible abductions in the Berkshires.  To this day, some 30 plus years later,  Great Barrington, MA residents who were children at the time, are said to have witnessed the UFOs that night in 1969.

And video taken not too long ago over the Upstate NY skies of Utica, was discussed recently on the YouTube channel of a UFO truther named Christina Gomez.

Gomez , aims to "to seek the truth, and answer the age old question of "Are We Alone in the Universe?" and while she may not have all the answers, she does present some pretty strange and unexplained occurences.

Take, for example, this cell phone footage recorded back in 2000 over Utica, NY.  The incident shown below, has been reported to MUFON, an international organization that investigates UFO reports from around the globe.

"Go get Chris!! Hurry...I'm filming it!  Chris, UFO's...Come'eer!!"

In the video, a Utica man can hardly contain his excitement as he records what appears to be two bright oval objects that seeminly drop other beams out from underneath it.  The falling beams unltimately arrange themselves into a single pattern of beams - all in a straight line - as they near the Earth.

Check out the video for yourself below.  What do you think this is?


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