I spent part of this weekend in Connecticut. As I was driving around Fairfield County I noticed one gas station after another with prices under $4.00! Sure, we have a few here in the Capital Region but down there I would guess nearly 50% of the stations I saw were under $4 per gallon! What the heck New York?

Below you will be able to scroll through the Capital Region gas stations with prices under $4.00. There aren't many! As a matter of fact there are less than a dozen. This is an updated list and the biggest difference this time are which stations prices have dropped.

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Recently it was announced that New York State will temporarily suspend the gas tax statewide. This relief will begin on June 1, 2022 through December 2022. According to the New York Daily News, this gas tax "holiday" equates to approximately 16 cents per gallon.

According to Gas Buddy, the prices around the Capital Region are sitting in the lower $4 range. $4.33 in Patersonville and $4.35 in Amsterdam were on the higher side, even a $4.49 in Poestenkill. We are going to help you avoid those if at all possible.

Most prices in Schenectady, Troy and Albany are between $4.09 and $4.19 but we were able to find a few that fell below $4.00 for a gallon of regular grade gasoline. Prices could change at any moment. Scroll through the list below.

UPDATED! Capital Region Gas Stations with Prices Under $4.00

As of Sunday April 24th there are less than a dozen Capital Region gas stations with prices under $4.00. Here they are.

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