It's is difficult to believe but Christmas is one week away!

Even though it shouldn't, the arrival of Christmas always catches me off guard. I know it's coming every December so how does it sneak up on me? Heck, CVS and Target start putting out their holiday items in October so it's not like I don't have reminders.

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Even the most prepared person will forget something like stocking stuffers. If you need as much time as I do to complete, or perhaps begin, your holiday shopping, this list of store hours may be helpful. Which Capital Region Stores are open on Christmas Eve? Are any stores open on Christmas Day?

Crossgates Mall, Hannaford, Walmart and more! Store hours vary by location so you can double-check with your hometown location for specific store hours. Merry Christmas!

Here are the Capital Region Store Hours for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Let this be your guide to last minute holiday shopping!

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