Have you ever wanted to own your own food chain? The U.S. Marshalls are giving you an opportunity to bid on the franchise and make someone's loss your gain.

According To The Empire Report.

Christopher Swartz, a Watertown restaurant entrepreneur, was sentenced this July to 12 and a half years in federal prison. Christopher Swartz defrauded lenders and investors out of more than $19 million, then evade more than $4 million in taxes.
Here is the interesting part is the U.S. Marshals are auctioning off Jreck Subs this fall after the previous owner was convicted of tax evasion and investment fraud in federal court.

This tragedy for him could be your come up because you could get a franchise for very cheap. I didn’t know this but Jreck is one of the largest New York-based franchises and a popular sub chain, with about 45 stores in central and upstate New York.

You have to have some kind of financial backing to bid for the franchise must register and provide a $100,000 deposit by Oct. 7.

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