After four straight wins over the past month, Tyler the Creator is the second artist to enter's Rap Battle Hall of Fame.

'Slater,' the second single off his latest LP, 'Wolf,' started its winning streak when it was put up against Kid Cudi's 'Immortal' and ruined Kudi's chances of entering the Hall of Fame. He then faced off against Joey Bada$$'s 'Day in the Life,' Big Sean's 'Switch Up' and Azealia Banks' 'Yung Rapunxel.'

Working with fellow Odd Future member Frank Ocean, 'Slater' looks into Tyler's road to hip-hop success. “Guess I win, checks started cashing in / I stopped rapping and started asking, ‘Where my f—ing passion is?’ / Probably where that f—– went (Who?), Tyler talking father problems / Shocky s— he spit to popping topics in a gossip column,” he spits.

Congratulations, Tyler!

Listen to Tyler the Creator’s ‘Slater’