Although it doesn't open in the United States for another week and change, 'Iron Man 3' has already started rolling out internationally, garnering its fair share of rave reviews. While some audiences are already getting the chance to see the whole movie, we simply have to sit back and play the waiting game. Well, at least the waiting game involves a new behind-the-scenes look and footage from the film!

The first step in dealing with the fact that you'll be the last person in the world to see 'Iron Man 3'? Watch the featurette below, which may have your usual talking head promo schtick (actors talking about how excited they are, etc), but it also gives us a new look at Extremis, aka the nanotech that gives Tony his biggest challenge yet in the new film. We even get an extended look at James Badge Dale's Eric Savin, who acts as a super-powered henchman for Ben Kingsley's Mandarin.

The second step in satiating your 'Iron Man 3' appetite? Watch the clip below, which focuses on a quiet and dramatic scene between Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark and Gwyneth Paltrow's Pepper Potts rather than any kind of big action. The scene is a good one because it gives these two talented actors a chance to strut their stuff, but it also makes it very clear that 'Iron Man 3' isn't just a follow-up to 'Iron Man 2,' but to 'The Avengers' as well.

Finally, yet another new 'Iron Man 3' TV spot has arrived. This one opens with an ominous shot of a discarded helmet surrounded by flames, set to grim words from The Mandarin. After that, it's all action, action, action, with all kinds of explosions and shots of our heroes looking concerned. There's no way they're going to kill Pepper, right? Right?

'Iron Man 3' opens on May 3 in the States.