Tyga is kicking it old school in his new video for ‘Still Got It,’ which is from his latest album ‘Careless World: Rise Of The Last King.’ If you’re an ’80s baby, this clip will bring back memories of when door-knocker earrings, brick-sized cell phones and Coca-Cola shirts were all the rage.

Directed by Iren Sheffield, the video take place in Harlem, New York in 1988, and we see Tyga hanging out with the homies in his Suzuki Jeep when he spots a fine Tender Roni walking down the street. The B-boy rapper then hollers at the cutie and cops her digits on the low. Youknowhamsayin?

Later that night, Tyga and his posse are chilling at the local hangout Willie’s Burgers when he spots homegirl again and kicks some more game into her ear. Unfortunately, her big brother interrupts their conversation and orders her home while Tyga is looking like, “Why are you messing up my flow, homie?” Will Tyga ever see her again so he can hit those skins?

There’s no Drake in the video, which is very disappointing. We would have love to have seen Drizzy dressed in some Cazal glasses, Lee jeans and Puma sneakers, but it’s all good.

Props to Tyga for taking us back to the year 1988 when Ronald Reagan was president, gas cost a $1 per gallon and crack was on the rise in Ghetto, U.S.A.

Word up!

Watch Tyga, ‘Still Got It’ Video Featuring Drake