No wonder Rihanna is one of the most liked people on Facebook. When she shares behind-the-scenes semi-topless images of herself as she is having prosthetics and makeup applied to her breasts and her back from her ‘Where Have You Been‘ video shoot, of course people will flock to her page to have a gander, gawk and drool over her supreme hotness.

Rihanna topless in a photo? No, come on! Note our sarcasm, as the Bajan beauty is prone to quickening pulses of her fans by sharing lots and lots of images of her sans a shirt in the digital space.

Here, she morphs into the world’s sexiest swamp creature.

RiRi shared a motherload of pics, with makeup artists applying alligator-like scales to her back, since she plays a swamp-dwelling jungle goddess in the video. Some of these images are NSFW, because Ri’s breasts are visible, even though covered in a green paint and scales. She shows just enough.

We love the shot of Rihanna eating while having her appliqués fixed to her girls. She’s quite the multi-tasker.

Rihanna dropping her top is nothing new. In fact, the occurrence is more common than not. She’s not afraid to show off her sexy side, but in this case, it’s her swamp thing side.

Below are some of our favorite, most sizzling shots of RiRi.