Tyga has been forced to cough up some major racks for some expensive bling-bling that he allegedly never returned. A judge recently ordered the California rapper to fork over $200,000 to Jason of Beverly Hills jewelry for the stolen baubles.

As we previously reported, celebrity jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills sued Tyga for $91,000 worth of jewelry that he never paid for. JBH claims that the rapper borrowed a $28,000 diamond pantheon watch in August 2012 and a $63,000 Cuban link chain in December 2012 but never returned the items.

Jason of Beverly Hills was seeking $185,000 to recoup the costs plus late fees.

According to TMZ, a judge has agreed with JBH and slapped Tyga with a whopping judgement of $208,334.47.

Reps for Tyga tell TMZ that it’s "all a misunderstanding" and they are working to remedy the situation.