Andy Samberg's biggest contribution to the 'SNL' legacy were his digital shorts and music videos, where he took the show's format off the stage to create hilarious pre-recorded material that was primed to go viral all over the internet. With his departure, the show has continued to produce short films and recorded sketches, but Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett’s work has consistently stood out from the rest of the pack, mainly because of how different it feels from the typical 'SNL' short.

Where most 'SNL' digital shorts tend to have a strong, in-your-face hook (a music video, a movie trailer parody, etc), their stuff has generally been a little more low key and subtle, relishing details and character weirdness over more obvious and approachable jokes. Their latest walks down a more familiar path, but their unique voice lends it a bit more humor than it would in other hands. Sure, we've seen the show make fun of Californians and "bro" types plenty of times before, but by framing the comedy in the form of a web show and getting every little detail (from the clothing to the voices to the specific use of certain phrases) exactly right, the material is instantly elevated. A funny appearance by guest host Jonah Hill helps, too.

Many have labelled this a "rebuilding year" for 'SNL' and if that's the case, we can't wait to see what Mooney and Bennett produce when they're at the top of their game.