Do you know where your teenager is? Its summertime and with all that's going on in the community, we should be trying to keep our kids out of the streets. If a teen has no guidance, self-worth or stable home life, they can easily travel down the wrong path and become a detriment to society and themselves.

According to CBS6 News "A 16-year-old was arrested and charged in a carjacking that left the driver, who gave the teen a ride, severely injured.

Police say the teen approached the female victim in North Troy at around 12:30 a.m. on June 29, where he asked for a ride, claiming he was unable to walk. The woman then drove the teen to the area of Massachusetts Avenue where the suspect claimed to live."

When they got to the destination, the woman got out of the car, because the teen was acting as if he was going to pay her for the ride. He then proceeded to hit her in the face and hands with an object. She tried to get back in her car but the teen overpowered her and drove off with her cell phone.

Someone called 911. The woman was taken to the hospital and treated for broken bones and severe lacerations. The teen was later arrested and charged with grand larceny, robbery, and assault. He will be charged as a Juvenile because he's only 16.

This is exactly why I don't pick up hitchhikers or give rides to strangers. You never know how or where the situation could end up. I've seen too many movies where it doesn't end well. I have very little trust in people. But here you have a good samaritan. Someone who's trying to help you and this is what you do to them? This kid basically preyed on someone's kindness. Just to cause bodily harm and rob this nice lady. Who's raising these kids??

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