Troy Ave says he's a changed man following his two-month jail stint stemming from his involvement in the infamous Irving Plaza shooting two years ago. That's a point he reiterates several times throughout his new interview on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club on Monday morning (Feb. 11).

During the interview, which lasts more than 45 minutes, Troy speaks on his immediately-controversial new video for his White Christmas 5 track, "2 Legit 2 Quit." In the song and video, he allegedly implies he'd take the stand against the incarcerated Taxstone if he had to.

Dope Boy Troy says the way people behaved when he was living life behind bars began to reshape the way he views the merits of the street code. "My mentality started changing when I was sitting in jail and then I seen people that was street, how they reacted, how they perform, how they didn't put on in a street way like I would have," he says at one point in the new interview.

While Troy says legal stipulations and guidance from his lawyer prevented him from speaking on the specifics of his case, he did offer up a general situation to point out the perceived toxicity of the not-snitching mentality. He feels it leads people to believe some things are snitching when they're not, and that people have the right to avoid jail time for things they didn't do.

"Not talking 'bout my case, but, just, in general, eight outta 10 people will be like, 'I'm not going to jail for somebody else," Troy Ave says toward the beginning of his sitdown.

Troy goes on to say that the situation is a different one if you and a friend get caught committing a crime, using a pretty graphic theoretical example of DJ Envy and shooting someone to defend his co-workers to make his point. If you don't remember, Troy Ave was caught on camera firing a pistol at his alleged attackers on the day of the Irving Plaza shooting.

Elsewhere in the interview, Troy reveals that he's all set to perform in NYC for the first time since the Irving Plaza shooting next week. He also reveals that he's spoken to members of the late Ronald “Banga” McPhatter's family about meeting up with his former friend and body guard's mother.

Read all of the highlights for yourself below.

  • Troy Ave Might Be Performing in New York City for First Time Since Irving Plaza Shooting

    "I might be performing next week [in New York City] you know what I'm saying, for the first time in two years. I ain't gon' plug it. It's in New York. but you'll see it on my Instagram."

  • Troy Ave on Song "2 Legit to Quit" and Not Snitching

    "I mean, if you talking 'bout your life and everything you go through, if you talking 'bout—like, I've been doing that. At what point is it snitching if you talking about yourself. You talking 'bout your real life. I been talking about the same things over and over, because this is more publicized, now [they] wanna say that's something?"

  • Troy Ave on the Streets Being a "Myth"

    "They try to say, 'Hey yeah. We're gonna shame you, it's embarrassing if you do this, that and the third.' But, okay street guys. You telling me this is embarrassing, but living at home with your mama isn't embarrassing?"

  • Troy Ave Says He Hasn't Taken the Stand Against Taxstone, and That He Can't Talk About Trial

    "I can't talk about the whole taking the stand—just know I didn't and I never have or anything like that. As far as all that, I'm like really bonded where I can't talk shit about a case that's going on. Like really, literally. I spoke to my lawyer yesterday, he said you cannot say anything about anything."

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