Where are the trick or treaters these days? I remember shopping with my parents as a child. My mother would pick up bags upon bags of candy. Our household was prepared with hundreds of sugary, delicious treats in anticipation of the flood of children who would be ringing our door bell on Halloween.

Times are much different now. We’ve gone from scrambling in the cabinets to fill the overwhelming amount of bags and pillow cases arriving at our doorstep to bringing the leftovers into work for colleagues.

Child safety has to be the most prevalent factor for the dwindling trick or treater population. Hitting the streets, collecting candy was something I always looked forward to as a young buck. I would hate to see today’s youth lose out on similar enjoyment. Here are a few tips for safe trick or treating:

• Accompany your child.

• Have your child wear or carry something lit, such as a flashlight or glow bracelet.

• Plan out your child’s route in advance.

• Pin up any costumes that drag on the ground.

• Be sure any masks allow full visibility and breathing.

• Only approach houses that are lit.

• Make sure your kids stay hydrated.

• Keep an eye on time, try to finish by 9pm.

• Don’t allow your children to eat candy before you inspect it.