Trey Songz not only has a song titled "Panty Droppa" but he is a panty droppa! Couple with Chris Brown on tour, is a serious issue!

Trey Songz will take music from his album "Trigga“ on the road with Chris Brown & his music from "X" & more! These two very sexy men will embark on their North American tour sooner than you think!
Trey Songz says of the tour, "Fans can expect to see us performing a catalog of records, can expect to see the brotherhood that he and I have, the chemistry that he and I have as friends,” explained Trey. “We’ve actually been working on new music as well, just having fun in the studio. It’s something that we’re having fun with the idea of, so fans can expect to be very captivated.”
Not too much testosterone here for us ladies! Glad Breezy gets along with someone too!