Over the last decade, the hip-hop community has witnessed Travis Scott emerge as one of the biggest rappers in the world. His intoxicating sound has revolutionized trap music while he's consistently paid homage to the chopped-and-screwed roots that are native in his hometown of Houston. With such a transcending ability to create music that teleports listeners far beyond headphones, La Flame’s name has went from the depths of SoundCloud to the national Grammy Awards platform. It didn’t happen overnight though. In fact, it all began over 10 years ago.

Back in 2008, Scott released his first EP, The Graduates, with longtime friend and singer Chris Holloway. The project introduced the fusion of pop-rap and R&B that Trav would continue using to his advantage throughout his career. The following year, he formed a duo, formerly known as The Classmates, with another artist named Jason Eric, now known as rapper OG Chess. The pair connected for four projects—B.A.P.E., Buddy Rich, The Classmates and Cruis'n USA—before disbanding in 2012. Next, as a solo artist with years of trail and error under his belt, Travis Scott signed to one of his mentors, T.I., to become part of the Grand Hustle team, and began to show early promise of his rap superstar potential.

His next couple of mixtapes, Owl Pharaoh and Days Before Rodeo, would reign as two of the best to come out of the early 2010s. And with a championship album run featuring four solo projects, one collab with Quavo and a label compilation, the rocket of his career still hasn't come down yet, cementing his spot in arguably rap's top five right now.

For the five-year anniversary of Travis Scott’s debut album, Rodeo today, it's the perfect time for XXL to take a look back at La Flame’s entire catalog and rank it from good to greatest. So without further hesitation, let us lay it all out below.

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