Travis Scott is known to throw a rowdy concert or two, and during a recent show in Philadelphia his physical prowess was put to the test.

While performing "Antidote," the Houston rapper slipped up real quick, causing him to take a tumble into the crowd, Dave Grohl style. It's not a hard fall, and his fans quickly help La Flame recover, but it was a momentary goof none the less. You can catch it above at around the 4:02 mark.

There's been a lot of mystery surround Travis lately. He's currently opening for Rihanna on her ANTI tour, but last week Lyor Cohen, who manages Scott, talked about the rapper's incoming new single with Young Thug.

“I was in the studio yesterday with Travis Scott,” says Lyor in the video below. “He has an album that is going to be a classic.” Later, Lyor says, “Thug and Travis are gonna finish up Travis’s first single that we’re gonna put out in the next few days. Yeah, you heard that.” That was last week; we still haven't heard any word about the single.

The song might in some way be connected to Bird Singing McKnight in the Trap, a phrase Travis has been reusing on social time and again in recent months. Whether it's a reference to an upcoming song, album, or perhaps something else, no one knows. But rest assured Travis is up to something, as he's steadily increasing his fanbase and exposure while opening for one of the biggest pop acts in the world.

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