WWE has had a long run in Albany over the last thirty or so years, I was lucky enough to be in attendance when some of the coolest moments went down. I'm sure as fans, we all have the special memories of the things we were there to witness in person.

These are my top 5.

5. The DX Army is formed

It happened on March 30, 1999. HHH takes over as the leader of Degeneration X and brings in his first recruit. X Pac shocks fans when he makes his return to WWE.

4. Debut of the Mean Street Posse

One of the greatest gimmicks EVER. Shane McMahon was in the middle of a feud with X Pac and challenged him to a fight in the back parking lot of what was then the Pepsi Arena. But not just any fight, this was a 'Greenwich Street Fight'. Shane called in his childhood badass buddies from the mean streets of Greenwich Connecticut to back him up.

3. 1992 Royal Rumble

This was a big deal because it was the first pay-per-view event the WWE had held in Albany. Ric Flair had just arrived in the WWE, the WWE title was vacated and this was the event where a new champion would be crowned. Ric Flair eliminated Sid Justice (aka Sid Vicious, aka Psycho Sid) to win the match and the title.

2. The Beer Truck

Quite possibly the greatest entrance ever. It was the attitude era. Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon were mortal enemies. Stone Cold commandeers a DeCrescente Distributing Coors Light beer truck, drives it down to the ring and proceeds to spray down Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon and The Rock in a beer bath.

1. The Return of Hulk Hogan

I'm an old school guy and this was my all time favorite moment. Hulk Hogan had been off WWE TV for quite some time and all indications were that he was done with the company. Even when his music hit, you can see the camera pan across the crowd and everybody just waits - we didn't believe it until he walked out. The ovation he got that night would've made the Pope jealous. The Hulkster announced his return to the WWE that night. Vince McMahon then came out to ruin the moment, but instead got a right hand to the face.

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