One person will score $5,000 simply for listening and doing one little thing. When you hear us play our first commercial be caller #99 (we'll give you the number shortly) and you’ll score $5,000 dead presidents. So what can you do with $5K? Here are our top five things you can spend it on.

  • hans905, flickr
    hans905, flickr

    A Trip to Antarctica

    It’s only $5,000 for a berth in a two person room. It’ll be a vacation to remember and maybe you can make some polar bear friends. Or do they live at the North Pole? Whatever - it’s your vacation, make the most of it.

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    Donate It To Charity

    Just kidding

  • rachel is coconut&lime
    rachel is coconut&lime

    Buy 2,794 Twinkies

    2794 might seem like a lot but at $1.79 each it’s a steal! You’ll be ready for the end of the world in December with all those Twinkies - they are rumored to be able to survive the apocalypse. So’s Cher

  • win ross
    win ross

    48 Pairs of Nike Air Max

    There is no such thing as having too many shoes and so at $104.99 you can make sure you’re never caught short. You can have a pair for everything - one pair to wear to Wal*Mart, one to wear to McDoanld’s, one to wear to a show, one to wear to the gym.

  • Chrispitality

    16.5 Hours In The Champagne Room

    Yes - for just $300 an hour you can spend 16.5 hours in a Vegas champagne room. That doesn’t account for airfare but why would you waste your champagne room money on something silly like airfare? Ever heard of hitchhiking?

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