There is an extreme shortage of blood donations across the country. Here in the Capital Region, there is also a huge supply shortage. The American Red Cross is hoping that some new incentives will nudge people to donate blood throughout the Capital Region.

There is a severe shortage of blood and the American Red Cross says specifically type O blood and platelets are in desperate need. The demand for blood donors is extremely high. They say that in order to meet the current demand for blood and platelets, they would have to have one thousand additional blood donations each day. This is because there is an unusually high number of emergency room visits, trauma, organ transplants, and elective surgeries according to WIVB.

If you do donate blood or platelets, you will be emailed a ten-dollar Amazon gift card just for donating. You will also be in the running to win a year's worth of gas which is valued at five thousand dollars. The American Red Cross is calling it "Help Refuel The Blood Supply". There are other incentives too including a trip for four to either Cedar Point amusement park or Knott's Berry Farm.

To schedule an appointment to donate blood or platelets and to get more information click HERE. This promotion runs through the end of July. Just think if you give the gift of life, you can not only refuel someone with blood, platelets, or plasma you could also win a year's worth of gas to refuel your vehicle.

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