We could all use a little extra cash. It's always fun when you don't even know it's out there. You can check to see if there are billions in unclaimed funds in New York state with your name on it. Here's how. I did this a few years ago and was surprised to find that I was owed a few hundred bucks in unclaimed funds. It could be from unclaimed insurance money to overpaid bills. Whatever the case, free money might be waiting for you right now.

There are over sixteen billion dollars in unclaimed funds that New Yorkers are owed and may not know it. According to WKBW.com, New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli says that there is a substantial amount of money that is rightfully theirs but they don't know it's there.

It's very easy to check to see if you are owed some cash. All you have to do is click HERE, then type in your name and city. Plus you can check and see if anyone else you know is owed money too.

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