Every now and then you hear about an old letter turning up, but that's just the beginning of this story. WETM in Elmira investigated the phenomena and still has more questions than answers.

Carol Hover lives in Hornel, New York, which is about 55 miles south of Rochester in Steuben County. Back in April, she received a post card, dated from 1960. But the strangest part is that it was from her parents, just after they had gotten married.

The first thing I noticed was my mother’s handwriting. She passed away back in 2014. I found that it was postmarked from Canada in August of 1960. So, they would have been on their honeymoon.

The card was addressed to Hover's grandparents. When she took it to the post office,  the workers there were just as baffled. And a bigger surprise, the post office said they had two more pieces of mail from her parents.

Meanwhile Hover's cousin, Karen Kohnke, began receiving old mail at her home in Minnesota. In a Facebook post, Kohnke asks:

Has anyone else received postcards from the past recently?

This was in reference to a postcard sent by her parents in 1983 that just turned up in April.

In total, five pieces of mail dating back decades just got delivered. Where have they been all this time and why are they turning up in different areas of the country now? Even the post office is baffled.

Hover isn't necessarily looking for an explanation, she just says it was a nice reminder of her parents

It was just really nice to see my mother’s handwriting on a recent piece of mail, or my father’s. That was nice. So whether it gets explained or not, I am okay with that.

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