Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell's new film, Get Hard, opens in just a few days, and one of everyone's favorite rappers stars in the comedy. T.I. plays the role of Russell, the leader of a fictitious L.A. gang. Tip sat down with XXL and explained how he landed the part and what fans can expect from his character.

"I called my buddy [Kevin Hart] and found out if [Get Hard] was real and he said it was,'" said the Paperwork creator. "And then I said, 'Okay, you know you're going to have to get me in this movie, right?' And then we kind of went through the process of meeting the director ... Then we went and met with the other producers ... And everybody was in [agreement] that this would probably be the best fit for the film."

Russell, the rapper's character, is the cousin of Darnell, played by Kevin Hart. "My character is, let's just say they have reason to believe if ever Will's character found himself in prison, I'd be able to supply adequate protection," he jokes.

The Hustle Gang leader also revealed the positive working relationship between himself and both Hart and Ferrell, comparing them to some of the best comedy duos of all-time. "I think they're probably the best comedy duo, probably since Eddie Murphy, Dan Akroyd, Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder, like they're up there. They feed off each other very well and they're both like some kick ass clowns," T.I. shared.

Get Hard is T.I.'s fifth film. The MC made his big screen debut in ATL in 2006. Next, he'll be in the film adaptation of HBO's Entourage, then play in the superhero movie Ant-Man, which comes out this summer.

Get Hard opens Friday (March 27). Watch T.I. open up about his role above.

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