The landscape in the state of New York is ever-changing.

People move in (I slowly raise my hand for this category), people move out, and some move away, but remain in the Empire State in a secondary location.

With the changing landscapes in each of 62 counties in the state of New York, certain areas improve in quality of life and safety, while others fall on harder times. It's a cycle that affects every state in the union, and New York is no different.

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In a report filed by Channel 13 WNYT, the Division of Criminal Justice Services published a study on the crime rate of every county in the state of New York, including those that constitute the Capital Region.

Though counties from outside the confines of the Capital Region have the highest, and second-highest, crime rates, four Capital Region counties are on the state's top-ten list for highest crime rate in a county.

Take a look below, and see which of the counties in the Capital Region made the list.

Three Capital Region Counties Crack NY's Top 10 Most Dangerous

As populations in the counties of New York change, so does the crime rate. Entering 2022, four Capital Region counties are part of the state's top ten most dangerous.

Note: Per WNYT, violent crime rate is calculated by taking the violent crimes submitted by police, dividing it by a county's population and multiplying it by 100,000.

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