Aaron Judge is a superstar on the baseball diamond.

Judge is on-pace to break Roger Maris' American League home run record, all while hitting over .300, batting leadoff and playing center field for the New York Yankees. He (pretty much) single-handedly kept the Yankees' lead intact in the AL East, and is due for a major payday at the conclusion of the 2022 season.

Because of all of this, Judge is a fan-favorite among Yankees' fans, and something he did on Tuesday night made one fan lose her mind.

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Viral Video Shows Aaron Judge High-Fiving Fan, and She Loses It

A video began to circulate on Twitter on Tuesday night, following the New York Yankees' victory over the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. The video showed the immediate aftermath of Aaron Judge hitting one of his two home runs on the night, as he made his way back to the Yankees' dugout.

As he was about to leave the playing field, he added an extra element to his celebration. He started interacting with a fan:

I mean, this is an awesome moment, no matter who you root for.

The New York Post was able to unearth a bit more information about the interaction. The fan whom Judge high-fived was Cecilia Jacob, a Manhattan native who goes to Brown University in Rhode Island. Jacob was borrowing the ticket from her friend, Lucy, who's brother was unable to attend the game.

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Getty Images

Not only did she get an unreal seat, she ended up being part of an incredible moment. She was also able to capture the moment on her phone, based on the video from the broadcast. That video is truly something that you cannot replicate, which makes it even more special.

Aaron Judge continues to establish himself as a face of baseball, and now, that face is on Cecilia Jacob's camera roll forever.

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