Alright, I'll be the first one to put this hot take out there: the New York Yankees are really good this year.

Jokes aside, the Yankees are elite, and have their best chance to go deep in the playoffs in quite a few years. Their pitching staff is deep and performing well, their bullpen has overcome injuries to remain solid, and their lineup continues to produce game-in and game-out.

That said, there are still a few areas where a great team can get even better, and with the MLB Trade Deadline on the horizon, the rumors are beginning to swirl.

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The New York Yankees have been mentioned in a number of trade rumors in recent weeks, and if you believe the rumors to be true, then the team seems to have two different goals. They want to add a difference-maker to their outfield, and they want to add more depth to their pitching rotation.

As teams begin to identify themselves as "buyers" or "sellers" ahead of the Trade Deadline, more and more players are being made available. The Kansas City Royals have been in "sell" mode for a while, and the Cincinnati Reds, Pittsburgh Pirates and Chicago Cubs aren't far behind.

With each of those teams, as well as a few other cellar-dwellers throughout the league, there are some good players, who would help the Yankees improve their chance of winning a World Series immensely.

Here are ten players that the New York Yankees should consider trading for, and if they did, would benefit greatly from having them on their roster come playoff time.

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