In the latest incident in the 'summer of shark' on the southern beaches of New York State, the corpse of a great white shark washed ashore on Wednesday in Quogue, New York. There have been four confirmed shark attacks on the beaches of Long Island in the month of July alone. Swimmers, as well as government officials have been very concerned that the next one could be deadly.

According to Vera Chinese of, a local resident found the great white, which measured about seven to eight feet long, on Wednesday morning in Quogue, a village on the south fork of Long Island. Newsweek reported that, "After investigating pictures from the scene, the Department of Environmental Conservation confirmed the dead shark was a juvenile male great white. However, the body was washed back out to sea before it could be taken in for study." It was reported that researchers are continuing to search for the deceased shark to determine a cause of death.
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Get our free mobile app quoted Chris Paparo, a shark expert at Stony Brook University, as he spoke to NBC New York, "Due to conservation efforts, these sharks are making a comeback. Many of the ones we are seeing are juveniles." The publication reported that the South Fork Natural History Museum has tagged over 30 baby white sharks in the area, leading researchers to believe that Long Island's south shore is a nursery for great white sharks. That isn't good news for swimmers! Maybe, just maybe, it was the shark that was nipping at New York swimmers.

Attack seagull by great white shark
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