No matter which street you turn down in the Capital Region, you're bound to see something unique. This district is extremely diverse from town to town and neighborhood to neighborhood, with each individual area having its own identity.

Naturally, some towns have residents that earn more money every year, and some which has those that earn less. That information is public record, as it turns out, and we broke it down here.

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The website Stacker takes statistics and information about different countries, states and regions, and uses it to generate rankings of countless different subjects. Stacker tracked down the average amount of money made by each zip code around the Capital Region, and published a Top 10 list.

The article also lays out a few baseline average incomes, that readers can use as a control group when examining incomes for specific areas. The U.S. median income in 2020 was $67,521, which was down roughly $2,000 from the year before. Areas across the country have average incomes as low as $26,000, but the median average income comes in at $65,000 currently.

The Capital Region's Top 10 list features ten totals that far surpass the median, with all of the Top 10 reaching six digits in average income. Some of the locations are in the Albany area and due south, while others head up the Northway toward the Clifton Park and Saratoga Springs area.

With that being said, here are the zip codes that represent the top 10 earning areas in the Capital Region, as ranked by average household income.

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