Brown water spewing everywhere! Rats doing backstrokes in a mixture of water and God-knows-what! It's New York City in a flood, everyone!

The New York City area was under a state of emergency last night, as biblical rains poured from the skies, causing chaos and flooding up and down the East Coast. Why a state of emergency, you may ask? Well, allow me to show you this:

Oh, and while I'm at it, here's more:

These are videos shot by the more aquatic residents of New York City, capturing the flooding that happened in the city's subway tunnels. As the previous tweet alludes to, parts of NYC suffered from record-setting rainfall in mere hours last night, causing back-ups and overflows everywhere.

CNN has been providing updated information on the damage all day, saying that 44,000 customers in the state of New Jersey are currently without power. A Connecticut state trooper was killed in action after floodwaters pulled him beneath the surface. Not to mention, mass evacuations happened in the Southern U.S., including the NFL's New Orleans Saints, who will open up the season with a "home" game in Jacksonville.

While the subway videos are disgusting and mostly funny, the damage around the East Coast is not, and I do sincerely hope that everyone was able to stay safe and healthy during the storm, and its aftermath.

Oh yes, and here's the rat.

You can make your Andrew Cuomo jokes whenever you want. The floor is yours.

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