I was shocked as I drove home last night from the station. I couldn't believe the amount of flooding and damage in West Sand Lake, Averill Park, and most areas of rural Rensselaer County.

Roads were washed out, homes and businesses were flooded, electricity was out and trees were down all over the area. I stopped on my way home at AJ Pizza in Averill Park to pick up pizza because I knew that our power was out at my house. The little stream behind their place wasn't little anymore, it was a raging river. Unfortunately, the water continues to rise and ended up flooding the business right after I left. I know the Town Tavern, Old Daley on Crooked Lake, and the Cumberland Farms at the intersection of SR 43 and SR 66.

Thanks to all the emergency workers, first responders, and National Grid workers that are working to repair the damage and help keep us safe....thank you.

Here are a bunch of pictures of the flooding and damage that I took were also submitted by listeners on our Facebook page.

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