The cemeteries and church graveyards of Upstate New York are filled with a time capsule of America.

Politicians, movie stars, crooks and criminals, authors and actors, sports legends, folk heroes, singers and musicians, and many more famous names rest eternally in our beautiful cemeteries.

People we know, like Lucille Ball, Mark Twain, Kate Smith, Washington Irving and several U.S. presidents and vice-presidents are buried here.  So are people we don't know (but made this list) like William G. Morgan, the inventor of volleyball.  Or Charles Howard, America's most prolific Santa Claus.

And there is even a horse on this list.  You will find his story awesome.  He was the most unlikeliest of all Kentucky Derby winners and he is buried right here in Upstate New York.  The graves we highlight are for people who died as long ago as the 1700s and as current as the 1980s.

So take a moment and walk down the footpaths of history as you encounter the greats and near-greats, the famous and the infamous, the recognizable and the "who is that?" people buried in the cemeteries of Upstate New York:

REST IN PEACE: The Upstate New York Final Resting Places of 32 Famous Americans

Lots of notable people have called Upstate New York home... so much so that they've been buried here.

Take a look... if you dare.

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