Valentine's Day is on the way. It's never too early to start thinking about dinner reservations, flowers and, even if she says she doesn't want them, you have to get chocolate!

For this special holiday you need to step up your game. Russell Stover won't cut it this year. You need the finest chocolate the Capital Region has to offer. I went beyond Walmart, Target and CVS to find the Top 10 Chocolate Shops in the Capital Region.

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Listen, anyone can go to Hannaford and grab a bag of Hershey's or a box of Junior Mints but this is Valentine's Day. For this holiday it's more important to go the extra mile and find something out of the ordinary.

For example, in my search for the Top 10 Chocolate Shops in the Capital Region I discovered Smash Heart in Schenectady. They make a hollow heart that you smash open to reveal a gift you have placed beneath the heart.

From the unique to the delicious to the tried and true. These are the Top 10 Chocolate Shops of the Capital Region. Enjoy and don't forget Valentine's Day is Monday February 14th!

Top 10 Chocolate Shops in the Capital Region

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