The Notorious B.I.G. playground will finally come to fruition. As we reported earlier, the Crispus Attucks playground, a neighborhood park in Brooklyn, N.Y., will be renamed in honor of the late rap legend.

New York City Councilman Robert E, Cornegy, Jr. and the family of Christopher Wallace will be in attendance at the renaming ceremony, which will take place on Tuesday (Aug. 1) at the basketball courts in the playground on Fulton Street and Classon Ave in the Clinton Hill, Bed Stuy section of Brooklyn, N.Y.

Councilman Robert E, Cornegy, Jr. was instrumental in getting the playground named after Biggie, who often played in the park growing up in Brooklyn. “This honor is very personal to me,” he told the New York Daily News. “Twenty years later this comes full circle, the renaming of the basketball courts in his honor. We lived in the same building at 226 St. James Place in Brooklyn. We lived in 1R and his mother lived in 3R, so when he passed his mother made me her director. I promised to keep his name honored.”

In addition to the renaming ceremony, on Saturday (Aug. 5), there be an annual basketball tournament that will honor Biggie.

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