It's so close, yet so far, once again for the New York Jets.

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Earlier today, rumors began to swirl that Tyreek Hill, the all-world wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs, was on the trade block. Two teams in the AFC East, the Jets and the Miami Dolphins, were both named as possible suitors for the speedy wideout.

One team ended up getting him, and one team did not. Guess which camp the New York Jets fall in?

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The Miami Dolphins Acquire Tyreek Hill

It was not the Jets, shockingly, who acquired Hill earlier today. It was the Miami Dolphins who won the trade battle, trading the following for him, according to ESPN:

"...a 2022 first-round pick (No. 29), second-round pick (No. 50) and fourth-round pick, plus fourth- and sixth-round picks in the 2023 draft." - ESPN

This is a huge haul for Hill, but is one that the Dolphins were willing to pay for one of the most dynamic players in the NFL today. The team wasted no time in committing to Hill long-term, signing him to a four year, $120 million contract extension moments after the deal was finalized.

The Jets were right there until the end, according to reports, and even offered the following trade package:

This is a good package, but did not include either of their first-round picks, and that ended up being the difference in why the team did not ultimately acquire Hill.

In my opinion, I would've given up the 10th overall pick for Hill, and considered adding a late round pick in next year's draft as a sweetener. You have the chance to draft a great player in that position, and I get that. There is only one Tyreek Hill, however, and the chance to acquire him comes once in a lifetime.

You would've legitimately altered your franchise by bringing him in and signing him, and for that reason, I think the Jets made a mistake here.

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