The bad blood between The Game and Meek Mill has been dominating headlines on hip-hop sites and it's been a fixture in trending topics on Twitter for several days. But some have expressed disappointment in Game, in particular, for engaging in such hostility after he spent much of the summer organizing protests and rallies in Los Angeles to raise awareness and spark a dialogue regarding Black communities and the police.

When Game was recently asked about the killing of Terence Crutcher in Tulsa, Okla.; the Compton rapper admitted that he feels conflicted about his own behavior.

"I find it a little difficult to be actually beefing with another African American artist," Game said. "Because, on one accord; I should be on this...Black Lives Matter push and this cops killing African-Americans thing, and on the other side, I got this beef with Meek going so, it's like I'm torn and makes me look bipolar."

Game admitted that he's frustrated with the police situation ("I don't know what needs to be done.") but made it clear that he's not making down from Meek. Game indicated that the two of them have unfinished business--regardless of how the fans feel.

"Take all the media, social media, fans and followers out of the equation," he explained. "Me and Meek know wassup. He know what was done, and I know what was done--and something gotta be done about that."

When pressed to explain further what he meant by "done about that," Game wasn't clear.

"It's gotta be figured out," Game replied. "I don't know."

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