The woman who purchased the car that the Notorious B.I.G. was shot and killed in is selling it for $1.5 million.

According to Billboard, she purchased the BMW SUV over two decades ago and had no idea that it was used in the slaying of one of the most beloved rappers of all-time.

"We bought the car from a broker in Chala Vista, Calif, who had bought it from an auction in L.A.," wrote the woman in an auction letter. "We owned the car for years, using it as our family vehicle, not knowing about it's history. In 2005, an L.A. detective called and informed us about the car's involvement in the shooting of Biggie Smalls and that it would be needed for the trial. We kept the car for 20 years and decided it is finally time to sell it."

Before police put it on the market, they replaced the bullet holes in the door and repaired some other damage as well. They plan to replace the original door, however, once the vehicle is officially sold.

In addition, the company Moments in Time are handling everything, and it's putting the SUV through an auction process. It's also helping to sell the 1996 BMW 150iL that Tupac was killed in, which is going for $1.5 million as well.

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