If you or someone you know has had any dealings with cancer in any way, you owe it to yourself to give this a listen.  This was an interview with Julie Hart, the NYS Government Relations Director For the  ACS CAN Network.  All of the audio can be found below  Julie Hart has an extremely influential position at the American Cancer Society and I'm sure it carries with it tremendous responsibility.  She is the Government Relations Director for The American Cancer Society's CAN Network here in NYS.  Think about this. Here's just one of the wide reaching issues she has been involved with:  she played an important role in getting the 2003 Clean Indoor Air Act passed, which prohibits smoking in all places of employment including bars and restaurants.   I'm sure there have been monumental hurdles  in trying to get public policy changed regarding these issues, and that is why we included her in the  the 11/8/15 edition of Capital Region Sunday, which airs each Sunday morning on Townsquare Media stations here in the Albany area. 

I invite you now to take a listen to the broadcast in it's entirety.

We sincerely hope that cancer never touches you or your loved ones, but in case it does, if you would you like more information on current issues they are addressing, you can go to https://www.acscan.org/action/ny/updates/2991/

We thank Julie for coming on the air, and congratulate her and her staff for the important work they are doing.  We're saving lives here, people!


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