Terrell Owens is going from catching footballs to rolling bowling balls.

Now that he appears to be out of the NFL, the former star wide receiver is trying his hand at professional bowling.

And they say you take up golf when you retire.

Owens recently took part in the United States Bowling Congress Open Championships and more than held his own, notching scores of 185, 129 and 161. In this video, T.O. gets a spare as the snarky announcers do their best Statler and Waldorf.

Owens, 39, is actually a huge fan of bowling and has participated in several charity tournaments over the past few years. He’s such a fan, in fact, that he’s a celebrity owner of the Dallas Strikers, a team in a new PBA league. We don't quite know what "celebrity owner" means exactly, so we'll just assume it's a title to help increase awareness that there's a PBA league with teams.

After his day at the lanes concluded, Owens gave himself a report card:

"It's all about repetition. You're only going to get out of it what you put in. I'm starting to get in a rhythm and starting to bowl a little more, so it'll come in time. I just tried to focus on some of the things I've been taught and dialed in on that."

Of course, this is T.O. we’re talking about, so don’t be surprised when he alienates entire alleys by claiming their concession stands are bad and he winds up doing sit-ups in the parking lot without a shirt after he gets into a dispute when he’s given the wrong size shoe.