Mariah Carey and Miguel have dropped their new duet '#Beautiful,' a track that sounds like it was recorded to tape and several decades ago at that.

The song has a throwback energy, but it works, especially since these two have such strong and inimitable voices.

While Mimi felt like a featured act on her own song, the sank-like-a-stone track 'Triumphant,' which paired her with Meek Mill and Rick Ross, she and Miguel share equal billing and footing on this track. The twosome wrote and produced the material together, and they are certainly welcoming summer with this airy, dreamy track, which centers on their voices and a strummy guitar line. Listen closely and you can hear Mimi's giggles, adding even more of an organic nature to the song.

Overall, '#Beautiful' is more along the lines of classic, early period Mimi, focusing on voices, as opposed to the hip-hop elements and production values that earmarked her more recent work. Essentially, 'Beautiful' reminds us of Mariah, circa 1993.

However, the song is also incredibly Motown-like in its vibe. The retro production is a bit grainy and the song sounds like it's being played on a record player.

The accompanying video will debut this Thursday (May 9) on 'American Idol' and the rumors suggest that Carey's next album is expected to be released this summer.

If she's going back to basics, focusing on her signature ballads and love songs and planning to offer more exciting music like this, we're in!

Listen to Mariah Carey's '#Beautiful' Feat. Miguel