The 2022 MLB Trade Deadline is upon us, meaning that a historic trade could happen in a matter of days.

Trades are one of the most polarizing things in all of professional sports. A long-time member of the team, or a fan-favorite, could be shipped out the door in a moment's notice, and could change the entire trajectory of a team's season in the process.

Every now and again, a team makes a trade that is so successful, it propels them to a championship.

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Considering that the New York Yankees have won the World Series a record 27 times, odds are, there have been a few significant trades that have helped them along the way. Whether it's the upstart teams of the 1950's, or the powerhouse teams of the late 1990's, each championship team has a midseason acquisition, or two, that helped take them to victory.

So, let's look back at some of the best trades that the Yankees have made.

Now, keep in mind: there are going to be some notable names that are left off this list. We didn't include Ricky Henderson, for example, because even though he was an outstanding player, his two World Series titles as a player came outside of The Bronx.

This list is meant to remember trades that truly changed everything. The trades included below took Yankees' teams that already had elite talent, and added necessary pieces in order to make them a championship-caliber team.

Which trade do you remember most?

Information from Bleacher Report helped contribute to this article.

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