Nothing in life is free, but goodness, does New York really make a strong effort to point that out every chance it gets.

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I kid (kind of), but the cost of living in the state of New York isn't something to scoff at. When it comes to household bills in 2022, there are so many different avenues where one must send their hard-earned money each month.

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From mortgage or rent payments, to the many different forms of insurance, to cell phone payments, gas bills and beyond, the monthly fees really add up. Depending on where you live in the state, however, your monthly bills might vary pretty severely.

In a story published by ABC News 10, the analytics-based website Doxo Insights published a study breaking down how much money was spent, on average, on monthly bills in municipalities across the country. The municipality of Albany, for example had the seventh-highest average monthly bill total cost of all qualifying places in the area, with Saratoga Springs coming in at the top of the list.

To calculate these totals, Doxo Insights tallied up a number of costs, mainly insurance, mortgage, car and cell phone bills. They presented the average cost compared to other areas around the Capital Region, and News 10 ranked them, from most expensive, to least.

So, what is the average cost of monthly household bills in the area you live? We listed out the ten most affordable places in the Capital Region to call home, and laid out how much money you'd be spending per month in order to live there.

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